Why Should I Go Solar in the Spring?

4.3 kW system in Flagstaff Arizona featuring QCell and Enphase inverters.

#1: Beat the Summer Rush! Some homeowners put their solar pursuits on hold during the winter months because thinking about solar energy during the coldest, wettest, and cloudiest time of year isn’t the easiest thing. As a result, they don’t start thinking about solar again until longer days return. Every year we see a solar … Read more

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Phoenix? Some Things to Consider Before Going Solar

Solar Panel Installation

Have you been thinking about going solar in Phoenix and pondering over solar panel cost? You’re likely curious about which are the best solar companies Phoenix AZ has to offer. With such an essential investment, it’s imperative to know how much do solar panels cost and how much are solar panels in the sunny city. … Read more

Solar Installation in Flagstaff, AZ, Brigitte

5.2 kW Rooftop Solar installation in Flagstaff, AZ featuring Hanwha Q Cell 400-watt panels

  Brigitte went solar back in September 2021 in Flagstaff, AZ. This system consists of 13 Hanwha Q Cell 400-watt panels with Enphase IQ7+ inverters. —————————————————————————————————————————— System size: 5.2 kW Module type: Hanwha Q Cell 400-watt Inverter type: Enphase IQ7+ —————————————————————————————————————————— What was your main motivation for going solar? Had A/C installed and also wanted to … Read more

Worried About Power Outages? How Solar + Battery Storage Can Help!

11.8 kW solar system in Flagstaff, Arizona

Utility and power outages are becoming more and more frequent. Losing power can be unnerving, whether in the middle of a winter storm or in the middle of a heat wave. Solar and battery storage can offer you security and uninterrupted power. When an outage happens, your home can seamlessly connect to a solar battery … Read more

Low Solar Output in Winter? Should I Be Concerned?

10.27 kW system in Flagstaff during snow storm

Going solar is the best way to take charge of your home’s energy production and use. It allows you to take advantage of the changing energy potential and need year-round.  During the winter months, you may notice a sizable drop in production, and if it is your first time around, you may be reasonably concerned. … Read more

How does solar (and battery storage!) work for you? Your options and typical solar energy use cases explained.

24 hours of energy production with solar plus storage

There are a few main schemes for how homeowners produce and consume energy. Solar plus energy storage is the ultimate way to control your power and solar without storage is also a great solution. See how these compare to the traditional method of powering your home with the grid in order to further understand how … Read more

Should I Add Battery Storage to My Existing Solar System?

Rooftop Solar Tesla certification graphic

  With battery storage equipment prices dropping and utility rates continuing to rise, more and more solar customers are finding it worthwhile to consider a system with battery backup. This is the case for homeowners installing a new solar system as well as for current solar owners looking to maximize their investment. Rooftop Solar currently … Read more

How Much Value Does Solar Add to the Home?

10.4 kW system installed in Flagstaff featuring QCell 400 W modules.

Rooftop Solar makes a lot of sense for homeowners financially and not only as a standalone investment. It also adds great value to the home according to several independent estimates. This is because a buyer of a house with solar will be instantly offsetting their electricity bills, and more and more, homeowners are wanting to … Read more

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