Solar Is A Great Investment In
The Environment & Your Family
Going solar is a great way to show future generations
that we care about their future.
Time is money Did you know the 30%
tax credit is going away?
If you're thinking about solar now is the time to act.
Rooftop Solar will help you maximize your returns
so you get the most for your new system.

For the first time since the light bulb was invented, we can each create our own energy. As long as the sun keeps shining, there will be solar energy. Infinite, clean and now more affordable than ever, solar power is becoming the leading source of renewable energy in America.

Let's Get Started!

We'll take a look at your past energy usage to determine how much electricity you currently use. Our team then designs a custom system specific to your individual electric needs.

What Comes Next?

Every moment the sun hits your panels you'll be creating your own clean renewable energy. Any excess energy goes back onto the grid and gets used up by your neighbors. Meanwhile you get credit for the energy you are producing for your neighbors.

Rooftop Solar has been incredible to work with during every stage of the going solar process. They thoroughly evaluated our needs, and the uniqueness of our location, to come up with a system that works perfectly for us. Rooftop took care of every aspect of the permitting process in a thoroughly professional manner. During the installation process, which was fast and efficient, they took extra steps to ensure that all of system components, other than the panels, were hidden. Rooftop Solar is a great company, with wonderful staff, who do great work. One can’t go wrong with Rooftop!”                                                                                                          -Martos H.


Rooftop Solar offers several great options for going solar: Purchase, Lease or Loan. Solar has never been more affordable and there are still great incentives available that can give you 30-40% back on your system cost. You’ll start saving immediately by eliminating the majority of your electric bill!


A cash purchase offers our customer the highest rate of return in a solar investment. Customers can either self fund the project using existing capital, or raise the funds via a loan or second mortgage. Under a cash purchase, tax incentives remain with the customer, creating an immediate up front return on the cost of the system.


Our PPA/lease option makes it possible for customers to go solar for $0 to little down while making a monthly solar payment. Third party investors finance the system, taking advantage of tax incentives while passing on the savings to the solar power customer in the form of a lower monthly solar payment.


Our solar loan option gives homeowners a little bit of everything. With the solar loan: you own the system outright but can still install for $0 out of pocket cost. Your payments are spread over time at a low interest rate to help you save on your energy expenses immediately.

With solar financing from Rooftop Solar, you can start producing your own guaranteed clean energy for less than you are paying the utility companies every month for the same amount of power!


Once you’ve decided to go solar we will handle all of the details. Our experienced team will take your project from start to finish. Through design, engineering, permitting, construction and completion, we’re your partner 100% of the way as you become a member of the Rooftop Solar family!


What's First?

First our professional installation crew will set up a time to do a full site inspection, measure your roof and trusses, and make sure your electric panel is ready for the energy you'll start producing.


Once everything is approved, it only takes a few days to install solar panels on your rooftop. Our experienced installation team takes pride in exceeding expectations.

Flip the Switch

You will be making your own energy right away. With online monitoring, you can watch your system generate electricity and savings.

Sunshine never runs out and with solar there is zero carbon emission! Every time the sun hits your panels, you’ll be saving money as well as the environment by using clean energy. As long as the sun continues to shine, you’ll be making a difference and saving money!