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 At Rooftop Solar, we are lucky to work in a meaningful industry, in wonderful communities and surrounded by genuinely good humans. But not everyone is lucky, and we believe it is our responsibility to give back whenever we can. Even the little things matter, but together little things add up to a big impact. There is no shortage of real community needs or of really amazing organizations to help try to meet, or solve those needs.

Rooftop Solar is proud to give back to the following programs and organizations:

Donation on behalf of every customer that goes solar with Rooftop Solar.

Food insecurity is a major issue, much larger than you might think in the United States. With COVID and increases in unemployment, 1 in 6 people (more than 50 million people total), including 1 in 4 children (approximately 17 million children total) will have experienced food insecurity in 2020. (Food Insecurity and Poverty in the US ) Members of Rooftop Solar have volunteered with local food banks for years, from serving food to serving on local volunteer executive boards. Seeing the impact on our local community, made us realize we needed to do more.


Rooftop Solar is proud to partner with local food banks like Flagstaff Family Food Center, to work toward a stronger, more sustainable community. For every person, family or company that goes solar with Rooftop Solar, we’ll donate 25 meals to help put an end to food insecurity.

Restaurant referral program.

Rooftop Solar Restaurant Referral Program

An effort to support frontline workers during the peak of COVID.

The country was on lockdown and we realized there was another level of “hero’s” surrounding us. While many of us had the ability and fortune to work from home, many Americans were forced to face a pandemic without knowing anything about it, just to pay the bills. Rooftop Solar implemented the Restaurant Referral Program to help the cause. Working alongside local restaurants, Rooftop Solar committed to making a donation to restaurant workers and healthcare workers for anyone who had an solar appointment through this program and frantic time.

When one of Rooftop Solar’s finest installers put in his notice to volunteer in Nepal, we were equally sad to see him go and excited to hear about the amazing things he was about to do. Elevate Nepal as a mission to provide access to vital resources and foster sustainability in Nepalese communities by expanding opportunities in remote villages through organic agriculture, increase medical awareness through health programs, and improve sanitation by updating infrastructure along with education in safe hygiene practices. Rooftop Solar is proud to sponsor and spread the good word of Elevate Nepal!

Voted One of the “Best High Schools in America” FALA has been dedicated to developing our youth into tomorrow’s leaders. Not only have the people of Rooftop Solar supported the school with developing a locally financed solar project, the school has helped develop many of the children of Rooftop Solar employees and owners over the years. FALA is truly making the world a brighter place!

Who says giving can’t be fun?! Flagstaff’s beloved “Family Festival” mission is “to celebrate the community in a responsible and fun atmosphere that both families and funksters can enjoy.” But even beyond that they have raised more than $80,000 for groups like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Flagstaff Shelter Services, Northland Family Help Center, and SO many more. It’s no wonder they’ve been voted Best Festival 6 times! And no wonder Rooftop Solar has been committed to sponsor for 10 years and growing.

Not everyone likes a perfect, balanced, local microbrew, that goes down so smooth you want to hug the world… but if it’s for a good cause it’s hard to argue with. Becoming a long time sponsor for this community focused event that brings all of the states best breweries together to raise money for a good cause, was an easy decision for Rooftop Solar. Always glad to raise a glass to incredible organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Flagstaff Ski Club and other wonderful causes.

The Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project is a wonderful local organization dedicated to bringing back wolves to help restore ecological health in the Grand Canyon region. Anything we can do to help preserve this planet is a good thing.

Also known as “F³”, we became great friends after becoming office neighbors in the early days of Rooftop Solar. We were immediately impressed with their commitment to the community and have been supporting them ever since.


Key to their mission is the engagement of local citizens in strategic efforts to protect our clean air and water, unique character and diversity, and the urban trails and open spaces that give us the opportunity to love and learn about the environment in which we live. Together, we strive to preserve the beauty and diversity of Flagstaff for future generations.

Here are some of the other worthy causes Rooftop Solar has supported over the years:

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