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“Rooftop Solar was professional and within a month, had a plan to initiate the solar project for the Historic Ice House. They priced the materials and labor effectively, quickly administered the agreement, and completed the project for less than the original contract amount. The utility company was also very pleased with their work. My business partner and I strongly endorse Rooftop Solar.”
-Mike M.

Now more than ever, solar energy is accessible and affordable as a proven and low risk investment for your business. At Rooftop Solar, we partner with clients to create a custom-tailored solar solution that exceeds expectations. Let us show you why so many businesses are investing in solar.

Electric Savings

Solar will produce electricity and savings for your business for the next 25-35 years. Most commercial solar adopters see a payback in 3-5 years, and a return on investment (IRR) of between 10-20%.

Utility Escalation

Utility rates are continuing to escalate year after year nationwide. Solar investment allows you to lower your electricity cost today and lock it in for the future. While utility companies continue to increase rates, solar will create a secure, predictable future.

Tax Incentives

State and federal tax credits are available for your solar investment. When joined with the depreciation value of solar equipment, many of our customers receive up to a 70% return through tax incentives alone.

Save the Planet

Tapping into an endless source of clean energy is a decision that both you as a business owner and your customers can be proud of. Solar has quickly become one of the world's cleanest and most accessible sources of renewable energy. Everyday an increasing number of businesses are leading the way by making a switch to solar energy.

The future is bright, invest in the sun.


We’ve been helping hospitals, schools, businesses and non-profits transition to clean and affordable solar energy since 2008. We believe every project is unique and deserves individual attention with customer service before, during and after the project has been completed.


Members of Our Solar Team

Step 1-Design & Develop

A custom design and quote is created based on your historic electric usage and cost.

Step 2-Finance & Forecast

Purchase and financing options are explored using a detailed return on investment analysis.

Step 3-Engineer & Install

Our experienced team designs, engineers, permits and constructs your solar system.

Step 4-Maintain & Monitor

Increased value is provided through an online monitoring system. Your system will send automatic alerts showing system status.

At Rooftop Solar we offer purchase, lease and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) options to meet your financial needs and goals.


A cash purchase offers our customer the highest rate of return in a solar investment. Customers can either self fund the project using existing capital, or raise the funds via a loan or second mortgage. Under a cash purchase, tax incentives remain with the customer, creating up to a 70% return on the up front cost of the system.


Our PPA/lease option makes it possible for customers to go solar for $0 to little down while making a monthly solar payment. Third party investors finance the system, taking advantage of tax incentives while passing on the savings to the solar power customer in the form of a lower monthly solar payment.