Cash reward when your first friend decides to go solar with us
Cash reward when your second friend decides to go solar with us
Cash reward when your third friend decides to go solar with us
We’re offering $1000 bonus for every friend you refer to us!

Whether you’ve gone solar already or are just excited to spread the sunshine, now you can share your love for clean energy with your friends and neighbors, and we’ll share cash rewards with you! When we finish the solar installation of the person(s) you referred to us, we’ll send you a referral bonus. The more of your friends who go solar, the better your reward. It’s good for you, good for them, and good for the planet! Here’s how it works:


Let your personal network know how and why you decided to make the switch to solar, and share about your experience with Rooftop Solar. If you haven’t gone solar yet or didn’t go with us, that’s okay — we just want to help people go solar!


Simply fill out the form to the right, and we’ll get in touch! Or you can relay Rooftop Solar’s contact information ( or 800-786-7080) to your friends — just make sure they mention that you referred them!


When one of your friends makes the decision to go solar with us, you’ll earn a $500 referral program reward! And it gets better — Every customer referral you make will continue to earn you up to $1000 per referral*!

Refer a Friend


Want to share a little sunshine with your community?

Not sure what to do with all the extra cash? You have the option of donating all or part of your referral bonus back into your community.

Choose from our reselected nonprofits in your area, or suggest a local nonprofit that is dear to you and Rooftop Solar will donate to them in your honor!

*Bonuses applicable to customer referrals that sign and go solar with Rooftop Solar. Referral must be indicated on or before contract signing. Referral bonus shall be issued upon the installation completion of the customer referral.