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Share your love for solar energy with your friends, and we’ll share cash rewards with you!

Share the sunshine, get hooked up!

Whether you’ve gone solar already or are just excited to spread the sunshine, now you can share your love for clean energy with your friends and neighbors, and we’ll share cash rewards with you! When we finish the solar installation of the person(s) you referred to us, we’ll send you a referral bonus. The more of your friends who go solar, the better your reward. It’s good for you, good for them, and good for the planet!

Here's how it works:

10 for $10

NEW: Download our App, send us a qualified* referral’s contact info… And get $10 for each of your first 10 referrals

Referral Reward

Cash reward when we complete installation of your friend’s solar array or each of your first 10 referrals

Show off your system

Let your personal network know how and why you decided to make the switch to solar, and share about your experience with Rooftop Solar. If you haven’t gone solar yet or didn’t go with us, that’s okay — we just want to help people go solar!

3 ways to make the connection

Get rewarded – Twice!

When you become a Rooftop Solar Advocator and send us your qualified friend’s contact info, we’ll send $10* to your account, which you can transfer to your bank account or claim in the form of gift cards!


But that’s just the start. You’ll earn a $500 referral program reward when one of your friends makes the decision to go solar with us! If you tell your friend we’ll be calling and talk about how great we are, they are much more likely to go solar… And you’re much more likely to be rewarded!

Refer a friend

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Want to share a little sunshine with your community?

Not sure what to do with all the extra cash? You have the option of donating all or part of your referral bonus back into your community.


Choose from our preselected nonprofits in your area, or suggest a local nonprofit that is dear to you and Rooftop Solar will donate to them in your honor! 

Happy Rooftop Solar customers
Happy Rooftop Solar Customers


*Qualified referrals are referrals who aren’t already in our database and are:
-the owner of the home
-interested in solar
-not a mobile or manufactured home, must be a traditional stick-build home

*$10 referral program payable only through the Advocator App. Download here.

*Bonuses applicable to customer referrals that sign and go solar with Rooftop Solar. Referral must be indicated on or before contract signing. Referral bonus shall be issued upon the installation completion of the customer referral installation.

Download the Rooftop Solar Advocator App - It’s Easy!

With the Rooftop Solar Advocator App, you can:

  • Refer a friend or business to Rooftop Solar
  • Earn and track $$ rewards
  • Monitor you own system’s performance
  • Request support
  • Visit our website
  • Write a review

Just follow these steps:

1. On your mobile device, visit one of the app stores below:

2. Download the Advocator App.

3. Input the Company Code when Prompted:

Company Code: 380

4. Select your Sales Rep

5. You’ll receive a welcome email and an invitation to update your password

You’re ready to start making referrals! 


for creating a brighter future for our community!

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