Are Solar Panels Worth it in Phoenix? Some Things to Consider Before Going Solar

Have you been thinking about going solar in Phoenix and pondering over solar panel cost? You’re likely curious about which are the best solar companies Phoenix AZ has to offer. With such an essential investment, it’s imperative to know how much do solar panels cost and how much are solar panels in the sunny city.

Rooftop Solar offers a wide range of options, but understanding the ins and outs of solar panel price and solar installation cost is a great first step to knowing if solar is right for you. Given the prevalence of solar companies in Phoenix, you may feel inclined to get a quote soon lest you should miss out. We are here to share the vital cost factors to consider before making your solar leap.

Amount of Sunlight

Phoenix stands out as the sunniest major city in the U.S., boasting 211 fully clear days annually. With a whopping 3,872 hours of sunlight. Solar companies in Phoenix AZ undoubtedly have their plates full. Solar panels in Phoenix can achieve efficiency unlike any other major city, capturing up to 85% of the available sunshine. 

Shade trees affecting your roof play a pivotal role in determining the optimal placement of your panels. If shade is abundant, consider tree removal to bolster your solar panels’ efficacy. But luckily, thanks to its high sunlight availability and minimal numbers of tall trees, Phoenix is a prime location for the customers of solar panel installers in Phoenix like Rooftop Solar.

Tax Credits

Federal tax credits can significantly curtail the solar panel price in Phoenix. As of this writing, the federal government offers a 30% investment tax credit (ITC) which is set to hold until 2033.  

Even better news is that you may take the tax credit over consecutive years if your annual tax bill is less than the total 30% solar tax credit. And the state of Arizona still offers a 10% tax credit capped at $1000.  All told, that’s about a third off average-sized systems.  Learn more about the most recent solar tax credit changes here, Solar Tax Credit Update 2023.

Roof Condition

Before diving into how much to install solar panels, assessing your roof condition is a good idea. Rooftop Solar recommends roof replacement if it’s nearing its end within the next decade. 

Although roof replacement bears an added cost, don’t fret! Alongside the solar panel installation cost, you can benefit from the federal government’s tax credit of 30% for roof repairs or replacements in 2023 in addition to the solar tax credit! When transitioning to solar, it’s an opportune time to think about roof enhancements, upgrades, and repairs.

Be Sure to Get Multiple Quotes

When trying to see how much does it cost to install solar panels, it’s wise to seek multiple quotes. The competitive landscape of solar panel companies in Phoenix AZ ensures Rooftop Solar presents customers with top-notch service and competitive bids. By understanding your electrical consumption, specialists like Rooftop Solar can tailor a system to offset your annual electricity use entirely. 

Local incentives, federal solar tax credits, and warranties are integral when aiming to maximize ROI. Gathering quotes from reputable, professional Phoenix solar companies like Rooftop ensures we remain accountable, guiding you to the most beneficial choice for you. To meet us and see why Rooftop Solar is among the best solar companies in Phoenix, click here.

Lease vs Purchase

Leasing a system implies third-party ownership, possibly necessitating a power purchase agreement (PPA). With a lease, you’re paying for the energy your system generates, not the equipment. That’s important to remember.  Getting out of or transferring a lease when you sell your home gets rather complicated as you are not the owner of the system and cannot sell it.

Leasing may appeal to those keen on avoiding maintenance or those who can’t maximize government tax incentives due to low income tax payments. Conversely, purchasing a system outright or via a solar loan grants you full ownership. Selling your solar-ready home earns you a national average 4.1% higher selling price.

Can an HOA Ban the Installation of Solar Panels?

Nope. In states like Arizona, “solar access rights” laws prevent homeowner associations from prohibiting solar installations. While HOAs can influence the panel placement and installation style, they cannot adversely affect the project’s efficiency or solar installation cost. In essence, residing within an HOA community doesn’t dampen your solar dreams.

Rate Changes and Plans

Stay abreast of local utility rates. The bulk of Phoenix’s population depends on Arizona Public Service (APS). Between 2007 to 2017, Arizona witnessed a rise in electricity prices by $0.224 per kWh, around 2%. This year, 2023, APS has requested up to a 24% increase for some plans!  Watch us for news of a Dec 1 rate hike.

In Arizona, solar panels have a profound capacity to curtail atmospheric carbon and simultaneously enhance your ROI.  You can do good AND do well which is hard to say about a lot of investments.

If you’re not ready for solar yet but you’re keen on economizing on electricity and reducing your carbon footprint, there are methods to increase your home’s energy efficiency.  

If solar looks like a fit for you and your family, click the link below to learn more or schedule a time for a consultation to figure out if solar is worth it for you!

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