Worried About Power Outages? How Solar + Battery Storage Can Help!

Utility and power outages are becoming more and more frequent. Losing power can be unnerving, whether in the middle of a winter storm or in the middle of a heat wave. Solar and battery storage can offer you security and uninterrupted power.

When an outage happens, your home can seamlessly connect to a solar battery system providing power to your home instantly. You won’t even notice the switch!  Comparatively, traditional backup generator systems cause disruption, take time to provide power, are noisy, smelly, and require fuel or expensive gas hookups.

Your home and family are your most important investments.  As a certified installer for Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Storage, Rooftop Solar can help you secure your home and protect your investment for the long haul. Here are the top 3 reasons our customers install battery backup:

  • Security – Don’t get caught without power for your essential needs. Have backup power when you need it most
  • Independence – From utility energy, expense, and uncertainty 
  • Freedom – To manage your energy and avoid expensive peak demand charges

11.8 kW solar system in Flagstaff, AZ with mountains in background

Options for Every Need

Whether you just want to weather the storm, live your normal life during a power outage, or sell energy to the utility, we can provide you with solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle. 

  • Emergency Load Backup (Security)

By selecting specific loads (refrigerator, lights, outlets) you can limit unnecessary usage during a power outage. The fewer loads the longer your battery will last.  A single Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge 10T can easily carry you through a short outage of a few hours without concern. Or by carefully conserving energy (i.e. turning off unnecessary loads) they can last for 24 hours and beyond.

  • Whole-Home Backup (Independence)

We can design systems with multiple batteries that will get you through longer outages without the need to conserve energy – live your normal life during a power outage!

  • Energy Management (Freedom)

Are you on a time-of-use rate plan? Even when the utility power is on you can charge your battery from solar when energy is cheap. When the rates go up, solar battery storage can reduce your energy bills by powering your home during On-Peak hours!

And more good news… with the Inflation Reduction Act, solar battery storage now qualifies for a 30% tax credit both for existing and new solar jobs. Call now to see if your house qualifies.

If you’re interested and want to see if you’re qualified, skip to the front of the line by filling out our Battery Questionnaire.  We’ll review your info and will reach out to set up a time to chat.

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