Should I Add Battery Storage to My Existing Solar System?

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With battery storage equipment prices dropping and utility rates continuing to rise, more and more solar customers are finding it worthwhile to consider a system with battery backup. This is the case for homeowners installing a new solar system as well as for current solar owners looking to maximize their investment. Rooftop Solar currently offers batteries in Coconino and Yavapai counties. Solar with battery backup provides even more security and independence than solar alone. Read on to find out more about why you should consider adding storage to your existing or new solar system, and why Rooftop Solar is the best provider to go with.

Game the System

Rooftop Solar systems can provide protection against peak demand charges from the utility company, but it can often be difficult to ‘game’ this system fully with solar alone. This is because while the solar covers all of your daytime needs, peak usage times in the evening will still leave you subject to these utility rate increases. Solar with battery backup allows you to cover these price spikes with the energy you already have stored, and prevents you from ever overpaying.

Peak demand management goes hand-in-hand with what is called ‘critical load coverage’ which allows you to program your solar storage to kick in and provide power when your most energy-consuming and expensive devices kick in, or at certain times of the day. Critical loads would usually include appliances like washers and dryers, AC units, pool pumps, and others. This programming is available at the palm of your hand on your device’s app and is fully customizable.

Blackout Protection

Some homeowners will prefer to keep the energy in their battery at all times and save it for an emergency like a blackout.  For backup security, you will keep the energy in your batteries rather than using it to offset peaks, instead saving it for events like extreme weather. Your home will switch to the backup power so seamlessly that some homeowners have reported not even noticing that there was a blackout. Parts of Flagstaff just experienced this during the most recent snow storms, and it is always a consideration in our part of the state. 

An Extra Incentive

Solar storage projects now qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. This is a huge step toward making storage an affordable addition to any Rooftop Solar system. The tax credit has always been a huge part of what makes the solar investment work. Homeowners have long been waiting for this kind of push as utility rates climb and storing your own energy has been becoming a more and more obvious solution.

Why Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solar is an official partner of Enphase. We are also a certified installer of Tesla Powerall. These are the two leading manufacturers of solar storage devices. These certifications are important because while many companies may be able to sell you the parts, you want to find one that has expertise in their installation, operation, and maintenance. Reach out today to find out how much you can save and if storage is a good addition to your solar system, and fully declare your independence from the utility company. Be sure to fill out page two and let us know you are interested in battery storage today!

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