Is Solar Plus Storage Right for Me?

With rising electricity prices and ever-improving technology, interest in solar battery storage has reached an all-time high. Additionally, with prices dropping, solar storage options have become one of the most compelling parts of solar investments for both existing and future solar homeowners. Read on to find some of the most compelling reasons why solar plus storage has caught the interest of so many homeowners.

Avoid Peak Utility Costs

Most customers who opt for a storage solution with their solar will still be connected to the grid, and this creates a three-way relationship between the solar system, the battery, and the grid. Customers can then decide when to charge the battery and power the home using the grid, and when to use the power stored within the battery to power the home.

This is most valuable in order to game the time-of-use plan used by most utilities. In these billing plans, utilities usually charge extra during the highest demand times of day, typically evenings, when everyone is drawing from the grid. Customers can use the energy stored in their battery during these times instead, avoiding the higher costs. Then customers can buy energy from the grid and charge their battery during the cheapest times of the day.

Graphic showing energy offset with solar storage.


Better Monitoring

The ability to control the power loads with a solar battery is done through a mobile app or on an online program. This software will allow a user to monitor their home solar generation, battery power flow, and household consumption in real-time from anywhere. This enhanced level of transparency and precision provides a homeowner with a comprehensive view of their energy ecosystem.

Power in a Blackout

Batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall will allow for backup power in the case of a blackout. They detect the blackout and get the home’s power back on in a fraction of a second. This is quick enough to prevent clocks and other appliances from even resetting. This can be installed as either whole home backup or as essential load backup, with essential load backup being recommended in many cases where the homeowner has many appliances.

This setup is also done through a mobile app and can be monitored the same way. In this way, you will still have power, unlike with a solar system connected only to the grid. When a solar system without batteries encounters a grid failure, it is required to shut off.

Enquire Today

Solar batteries are the fastest-growing part of the solar market, and products are moving quickly. To find out if we are able to service your area with battery backup, and to get the answers to other questions such as what you can power and how long your battery will last, reach out to us today.

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