4.3 kW system in Flagstaff Arizona featuring QCell and Enphase inverters.

When choosing a solar installer, homeowners have several factors to consider. Price is one of the largest factors and must be considered with regard to how your solar investment works. Local companies frequently offer better investments that cost less over the life of the system because of several key factors.

Important factors to consider when choosing a company include system customization options, knowledge of local laws, regulations, permit processes, communication, and the warranty provided. Many homeowners are also interested in the local community’s impact. When considering all of these factors, it makes sense that local solar companies are the preferred, dependable option when going solar. Read on to find out much more about these advantages and why you should choose a local solar company.

System Customization

When quoting the size of your solar system, the goal is usually to offset year-round energy usage by 100%. To do this, Rooftop Solar will take a look at your electric usage history and manually enter this data into our system. This step is extremely important because it is what lets you know if the investment is worthwhile. Many solar companies do not take the time and/or have the capacity to design each system by hand. This is a big concern because under-sizing the system will leave you still owing money to the electric company, and over-sizing the system could mean you’re over-paying.

Rooftop Solar customizes systems beyond just size as well. Because we are a part of Amicus, the largest solar co-op in the U.S., we have the buying power of a larger company but are not tied to just one manufacturer contract. This means you have options for equipment, which is very important as well because the components that work best for someone else may not work best for you.

Finally, our Rooftop Solar specialist will walk you through the actual placement of the panels. This is important as well for the sake of personal preference and the aesthetics of the system, but can also play a huge factor in efficiency. Look for a company that customizes your solar system and not one that offers you a ‘cookie-cutter’ solution.

Knowledge of Local Laws

Local laws play a huge role in your solar investment. Regulations restrict the placement of the panels as well as other parts of the installation. In addition to this, local utilities determine the solar buyback rate. Solar buyback is the rate at which the utility buys your power back from you, and is one of the most important factors in sizing your system. A local company will have knowledge about permit processes and often have good relationships with local offices and personnel.

This is where a local install crew comes in handy as well, as they know the local requirements to be approved by this city, county, or other government. These requirements are extremely volatile, particularly in Arizona and California. For this reason, it is important to pick a company that knows the lay of the land. Rooftop Solar can also advise you on the best system for your particular location thanks to our 14 years of experience in these regions.

Quality Equipment

While solar has proven itself to be one of the most technologies around with an average system life exceeding 30 years, there are differences in the type of equipment you choose.


Communication is key for any investment, and especially for any construction project. After the design process, Rooftop Solar assigns an individual Project Manager for each customer. This individual serves as the point of contact for homeowners and is available to answer questions at any point along the way. This is very important as many variables can come into play during the installation process and many questions can arise.

Dealing with the city, utility, and neighborhood specifications is a dynamic process as well, and it is important to keep the homeowner in the loop along the way. Look for a company that answers all of your questions, as nobody likes to be kept in the dark. Local companies are often more equipped to handle frequent communications and updates. Look for a company with a local office like Rooftop Solar as well, so you can always walk in and ask us in person.


Rooftop Solar offers a 30-year warranty that covers any malfunctioning parts as well as labor. Local companies can often offer a better warranty because we have the ability and motivation to help with any issues that come after installation. Local companies value your positive experience and have an interest in ensuring your continued satisfaction. We, like other local companies, rely on word-of-mouth and our customers’ referrals.

Warranties are extremely important with solar because if something goes wrong you may spend far more money down the line. Many companies will sell lower quality systems for less without insuring them, which is something to look out for as well.

Impact on the Local Community

All of these factors play into a better solar experience for the customer and are made possible by being local. Many homeowners will be interested in going local to help the economy as well. Investing locally is great because Rooftop Solar employees live and spend money locally, but also by donating to Flagstaff Family Food Center, Habitat for Humanity, and many others.

Local companies like Rooftop Solar also have a large stake in customer referrals. This makes it extremely important to us to make each customer happy throughout the lifetime of the system to ensure our positive reputation locally. This explains why we do so well with customer ratings.

Get a Quote Today

Rooftop Solar always recommends getting multiple quotes, and we are confident about how we compare to national companies. Because we customize our systems, know the local laws, and communicate, many will save more money over the course of the investment. Homeowners will also be far better off with our warranty and can take pride in helping the local economy. Reach out today to compare quotes and find out how much you can save!

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