How to Choose a Solar Warranty

Just like other investments, one of the most important things to consider when looking into solar is how you are protected, and who is responsible if something goes wrong. Nobody wants to go through the process of a major home upgrade only to have a part fail, or worse, have damage done to their home. Rooftop Solar offers a third-party fully comprehensive parts and labor warranty in order to protect the solar investment for its entire useful life. Read on to find out what types of solar warranties exist, what to look out for, and why Rooftop Solar’s 30-year comprehensive warranty is the best in the industry.

Importance of a Solar Warranty

Warranties are of particular importance in solar for a couple of reasons. One is that with some systems one panel going out can affect the energy production of an entire string of panels. Another is that panels need to perform at their expected efficiency in order for the home owners to see the advertised return on investment. If systems do not perform at the efficiency they should, then the utility pays you less money, and the system is worth less. Solar is an investment that depends on the ongoing performance of the system and requires the modules to do what they say they will, or the investor loses part of their investment in real-time. For these reasons, system components need to be insured, efficiency needs to be guaranteed, and workmanship needs to be protected.

Manufacturer Warranties

Most manufacturers provide a standard guarantee of the efficiency of each panel in your system and will pay for replacement panels if need be. These standards reflect the expected performance of the system. In other cases, an entire panel or inverter may stop working completely, for which the manufacturer will offer a separate warranty to provide a new component. 

One problem is that manufacturers’ warranties often do not cover everything that can go wrong with a system, and do not always cover labor. These warranties are important, but manufacturers tend to cover only what they expect the system to produce, and only for a limited time. A comprehensive warranty covers more of what can go wrong with the system, and it does so for much longer.

Installer Warranties

Many installers will offer different types of warranties, primarily limited warranties that cover labor for a limited amount of time, often 10 years. One problem with these warranties is that they tend to only cover certain problems with the installation. One of the most common problems we see is problems with the roof, in which case many companies waive liability. This is out of fear of voiding the roof warranty itself. Additionally, in a worst-case scenario, if your solar installer were to go out of business, you would not have any coverage for the labor required for the replacement that is needed. An installer warranty typically requires a deductible as well.

Look For a Transferable, Comprehensive Warranty

There are several advantages to the warranty offered by Rooftop Solar. Unlike the warranties listed above, a comprehensive warranty lasts much longer and covers parts as well as labor. This is important because it is very common for roofers’ warranties to become void if anyone else works on the roof, i.e. drills holes into it. If the solar company does not offer coverage either, homeowners end up footing this bill. In the worst horror stories we hear, a homeowner can even have damage as serious as flooding and have no coverage.

Comprehensive warranty policies are also valuable because you own the policy, and it can even be transferred to a new homeowner if the home is sold along with the solar system. A few other advantages include that Rooftop Solar’s exclusive warranty partner will provide only the highest-rated, most trusted technicians, an easy and reliable claims process, and even free shipping on the parts. Our partner is the one responsible for this policy, so although Rooftop Solar will do everything we can along the way, the homeowner will never be at risk of losing coverage. This type of warranty will provide the highest level of peace of mind because of its strength and comprehensiveness. 

Additional Advantages

Rooftop Solar’s comprehensive extended solar warranty also provides gap insurance in case your equipment manufacturer goes out of business. This means that if the identical replacement part is no longer available, a different part can be substituted, at no additional cost. Finally, there are a variety of minor repairs that will be covered that are typically not covered by basic warranties. These include bent frames, cracks in the solar panels, and broken glass on a panel. Rooftop Solar’s partner provides A-rated insurance for 30 years, providing even more confidence. These advantages add up and will provide the greatest peace of mind a solar owner can find.

Rooftop Solar has the most comprehensive and longest warranty available. Enquire today to learn more about our exclusive partner, and to see all of the advantages provided. It is a great time to go solar, and with this kind of security, there is no reason not to inquire today!

Read more about our warranty here: Rooftop Solar Warranty

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