Throughout our years of solar installation, we see many common concerns arise from customers about the safety and efficiency of solar panels. Below is a list of debunked myths we often hear about going solar.

Myth #1: Solar panels will damage my roof
Truth: Many customers are concerned that installing solar panels will damage their roof. Rooftop Solar uses industry standard installation processes and take precise care to make sure your system is installed securely and correctly. Through a thorough review process of your house’s particular needs, we craft a specific design to maximize the efficiency and safety of your solar installation.
Myth #2: Solar panels are too expensive
Truth: Solar panels are more affordable than ever before! The technology for solar has progressed significantly in the past few years, which makes solar panels easier to produce. If you’re unable to finance solar panels out-of-pocket, we offer loans and leasing plans that make solar an accessible option for almost anyone. Additionally, the monthly savings on your energy bill alone make going solar extremely worthwhile!
Myth #3: My HOA won’t allow solar panels
Truth: There are many protections that states have put in place to allow homeowners the ability to choose solar for their home. Both the Arizona Solar Power Rights Law and the California Solar Rights Act disallows HOAs from prohibiting you from installing solar on your home. Even though states require HOAs to allow you to access clean and affordable energy, there are still several steps that must be completed to finalize the process. We recommend that you check with your local HOA to see their rules and requirements for installing solar on your home.
Myth #4: Solar panels do not work in the winter or on cloudy days
Truth: This is a common myth that we hear in the industry. The interesting thing about solar panels is that they actually run more efficiently in cold condition! A sunny winter day can produce as much or more electricity as a sunny summer day. This is because solar panels are powered by light, not heat, so they continue to work all year round. Solar panels also melt snow off a roof faster than roofs without panels. If you would like to read further about solar panels in the snow, please check out our article here.
Myth #5: Solar installation is complicated and requires a lot of maintenance
Truth: Installing solar is a fairly straightforward process if installed by a skilled professional. As a homeowner, maintaining solar panels is fairly easy as well. Solar panels can be cleaned with water to remove dust and debris to make sure panels run at maximum efficiency.

Don’t be fooled by these common misconceptions! To find out more if solar energy is right for you, give us a call at 1-800-786-7080 and we’ll setup a free initial consultation. Hope to see you soon!

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