140,760 watts (140.76 Kw)

Solar Parking Canopies; Grid-tied.

8,297,939 lbs.

Canadian Solar Modules, IronRidge Racking, Custom Steel Parking Canopies, 12 Solar String Inverters.

Rooftop Solar installed custom-built solar parking structures for Mohave Mental Health Clinic located in Kingman, AZ.  To help make this project happen, Rooftop Solar worked with investment partners to provide a turnkey PPA project to the Mohave Mental Health Clinic. The goal was to bring value to MMHC in the form of shade structures for the customers and employees of the health center while also providing savings on electricity now and in the future.

Rooftop Solar was able to provide a proposal comprised of 140,760 Watts of solar power on beautifully designed parking canopies in the parking lot of the new facility in Kingman, AZ. The project was a good fit for the health center as it provided immediate positive cash flow for MMHC as well as substantial long term savings for the organization. As a non-profit, MMHC had no way of utilizing the Federal Tax Credit on its own. By implementing a PPA for the project, MMHC was able to benefit by seeing a direct benefit of the tax credit without any capital outlay for the solar array.

The 140.76 kW solar system is comprised of 552 solar panel modules and 12 solar string inverters that are connected to the grid. The system will provide the health care center with renewable power for the next 30 years and beyond. The long term savings for the project are projected to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Mohave Mental Health Clinic will benefit from electricity savings while also making its mark as a renewable institution for now and the future!

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