Solar energy is rapidly increasing in popularity across the United States – and for good reasons! Because of different factors such as the increase of module efficiency and installation options, switching to solar in the U.S. is the most affordable it’s ever been. In fact, the price of going solar has dropped by half in the last five years! So, if you’ve been debating the switch to solar energy, you may want to more seriously consider your options.

There are a several financial options when it comes to making the transition to clean energy: Purchasing your solar system, Leasing or Financing your system, or Rooftop Solar’s Loan option. Find a plan that works best for you!



A cash purchase offers our customer the highest rate of return in a solar investment. Customers can either self fund the project using existing capital, or raise the funds via a loan or second mortgage. Under a cash purchase, tax incentives remain with the customer, creating an immediate up front return on the cost of the system. Most systems pay for themselves in a few years!

Solar PPAs & Leasing Options

Our PPA/lease option makes it possible for customers to go solar for $0 to little down while making a monthly solar payment. Third party investors finance the system, taking advantage of tax incentives while passing on the savings to the solar power customer in the form of a lower monthly solar payment.

Read the full story on Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) here.


Rooftop Solar Loans

Our solar loan option gives homeowners a little bit of everything. With the solar loan: you own the system outright but can still install for $0 out of pocket cost. Your payments are spread over time at a low interest rate to help you save on your energy expenses immediately.

Switching to solar is one investment that just keeps paying off. Saving you money every month by eliminating the majority of your energy bill and at times offering incentives that give you 30% – 40% back on your system cost — not to mention saving the planet a little too! What plan works best for you?