Residential Solar and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Rooftop Solar’s Response to Coronavirus

Policies in every industry are changing rapidly in response to Covid-19, and solar is no exception. While a lot is uncertain right now, the sun keeps shining, you keep paying electric bills and solar still makes sense. The good news is that solar is considered an “essential service”. Rooftop solar is currently offering remote consultations and installations are uninterrupted.  Meanwhile, Rooftop Solar is doing all it can to flatten the curve and has implemented new policies to install projects safely. It’s still a great time to go solar, and it’s never been easier to begin the process!

Doing Our Part to Flatten the Curve

As a company, we are taking every step possible to ensure ongoing projects and new customers receive the safest experience we can provide. We are currently doing our part to follow recommendations from local authorities and monitor the situation as it changes. Rooftop Solar is conducting zero-contact surveys of installation sites and practices social distancing during installs. As a company, we have implemented “work from home” policies for appropriate staff.  All of our crews have been given the opportunity to “opt in” and have been trained in precautionary installation best-practices to protect everyone and the worksite.

A Great Year For Summer Savings

Utility bills will be higher than ever this summer with school out and work-from-home policies in place. Homeowners can gain security in their energy future and save money now by installing solar, but best of all, there is still time to make the switch before summer. In an effort to help relieve some of those ongoing utility bills, Rooftop Solar is now offering exclusive finance options that replace your current electric bill, rather than add to them. Meanwhile, with no additional out of pocket you continue to increase the equity in your home every month. There are a lot of options for solar, and with a fully customized proposal, your quote will be catered to your unique energy needs.

A Streamlined Process

One of our specialists can perform a comprehensive analysis of your electrical usage and produce a custom solar quote today. This proposal will illustrate clearly just how much you can save during the months with high electric bills, and our specialists would be happy to take a look at your specific energy needs and make the path clear. 

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