Project Spotlight: San Francisco de Asis Parish and School

System Type:
Custom Roof Mount; Grid-Tied
System Size:
116.82 kW; School and Sanctuary
Equipment & Features:
– (396) 295 Watt PV Modules
– Custom S5 Metal Roofing Hardware
– Fronius Symo Inverters
Estimated CO2 Reduction:
9,702,182 lbs

In the spring of 2018, Rooftop Solar finished construction on the award winning San Francisco De Asis Catholic Parish and School. Rooftop Solar was able to assist not only in the design and installation of the photovoltaic system, Rooftop engineers consulted with the SFDAC years earlier during the design and development of the building.
The 116.82 kW system will generate about 95% of the total energy for the church and school with renewable power for the next 30 years. The long term savings for the project are projected to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The solar panels were mounted to the metal roof using a custom solution to avoid roof penetrations. Extra care was taken in choosing this equipment and preserving the aesthetic appeal of these cutting edge buildings.
Rooftop Solar was proud to partner with the San Francisco De Asis Catholic Parish and their commitment to environmental stewardship, while creating a long term investment that will provide significant utility savings over the next three to four decades.

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