Rooftop Solar designed, engineered and installed a 200,690 watt system (658 modules that have 305 watts each) on the Cheesecake Factory Headquarters roof.
Over the life of the system, the solar array is projected to save the company well over $500,000.
11,834,670 lbs.
Uninterrupted Power Supply Battery Backup, Grid Tied

Introducing one of our newest commercial solar clients, The Cheesecake Factory Headquarters in sunny Calabasas Hills, California, located just north of Los Angeles. Our Southern California Rooftop Solar team (based out of San Diego) headed the project.
With an unobstructed, shade-less roof that receives up to 7 hours of direct sunlight a day, the building is a prime place for solar performance.  This is one of our larger projects; the average solar-powered home runs on about 5 kilowatts of power, while The Cheesecake Factory Headquarters requires 40 times that much! Our team installed over 200 kW of solar on the roof of the building, plus a UPS backup battery system inside.
Construction of their solar array is wrapping up this week, making the total installation time just under 8 weeks! They’ve installed 658 photovoltaic solar modules, each module containing 305 watts. Their system is grid-tied, with an additional uninterrupted power supply (UPS) backup battery.
This solar installation fits with the Cheesecake Factory’s corporate vision of LEED certification and their mission to go green — something we can surely stand behind!

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