Product Feature: IronRidge Solar Racking

10.4 kW system installed in Flagstaff featuring QCell 400 W modules.

Everyone has concerns when it comes to working on their roofs.  Understandably, one of the most sensitive considerations when choosing to go solar is what work will be done on the roof and what products will secure the system. 

With our industry-leading 30-year warranty, Rooftop Solar knows it is important to choose a solar company that will respect your roof. Ironridge is the largest solar racking manufacturer in the U.S. with a system being installed every 2 minutes. Rooftop Solar partners with Ironridge for the dependability of their racking systems on both pitched and flat roofs. Read on to find out more about what makes Ironridge the industry leader, what considerations to make, and what makes solar racking so important.

The Importance of Solar Racking

Any considerations regarding your roof are important when going solar, and racking might be the most important of all. One way to protect yourself and your roof is to go with a company like Rooftop Solar that offers a 30-year warranty on parts and labor helping you avoid expenses from one of the most common solar complaints: roof damage. 

Damage done to the roof during solar installation is the proverbial elephant in the room, can void roof warranties and is very pricey to fix. Anyone who has ever been aggravated by a leaky roof knows that the resulting water damage can be more costly than the roof damage itself. 

This is why we are proud to use Ironridge racking products.  Ironridge employs a unique and efficient fastening and flashing system that when installed by a qualified, conscientious installer, is virtually leak-proof.  Check out the video below to see what we’re talking about!

In addition to the security provided by Ironridge, Rooftop Solar offers a 30-year warranty on equipment as well as service for all of our systems. We are committed to respecting your roof and doing the job right. To top it off, Ironridge offers its own 25-year warranty on its products offering an added layer of security. Ironridge and Rooftop Solar both know the importance of quality, strength, and peace of mind and always work to protect the value of your investment.

Pitched and Flat Roofs

Ironridge offers dependable solutions for both pitched and flat roofs. Racking for pitched roofs is the least expensive because it takes advantage of the tilt of the existing roof structure. Flat roofs, on the other hand, provide a unique advantage to solar, because they allow the panels to be tilted optimally, offering more energy, and thus more value, per module.

Your solar mounting system consists primarily of flashings, roof mounts, and rails. The quality of the flashings is important because they provide shielding for the roof penetrations, which if done improperly can cause leaks. The flashings are slid beneath the roof’s shingles or tiles before being attached to the roof. The mounts are bolted to a rafter in your roof before the aluminum rails are attached. The panels then attach directly to the rails. Retaining wires are run along the rails further securing the solar panels.

The Importance of Strength

Ironridge produces some of the strongest solar systems in the industry throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. They are listed under UL2703, which is the standard for evaluating and certifying the safety of mounting systems as they relate to electrical and mechanical connections. Ironridge enjoys the highest reviews on many solar sites and is considered the gold standard by solar installers

Whether you’re serious about solar or just have questions, contact us today to get more info about solar, racking, and our 30-year warranty!

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