How to Choose a Solar Company

Congrats! You have finally made the decision to go solar and you are now on your way to find the right installer. Choosing the right solar company should be the most difficult part of your solar journey. You want to make sure you have a trustworthy company that will provide an excellent service while also being in your price range. It is a huge decision that could impact you for many years, so if you can, take your time and make the right choice! This is a guide to help you along with the first part of the solar buying process.


Gather a List of Solar Providers

It can be as simple as a Google search. In the search bar, just type your city and ‘solar providers’ or ‘solar installers’. Take a look at the reviews, see some of the pros and cons of these companies, and make sure they have higher ratings. Solar installers’ reviews may be on websites like Google, Yelp, SolarReviews, and Better Business Bureau. If the same comment is being made about a less than quality installation in a company’s reviews, you may want to reconsider using this particular installer. It helps if you create a document and list the qualities that you like and dislike about each company and compare. 


Evaluate Your Preference for Local Solar Installer vs a National Company

Larger companies might be able to offer more options and they may even cost less, but sometimes the quality of the work is compromised. 

Local companies typically know more about the incentives and rebates in your state, which could also save you some extra money instantly. Luckily for Rooftop Solar, we have access to a variety of equipment and financing options despite being a local company that can focus on the needs of each customer. 


Review Warranties of Each Company

Although solar panels can last 40 years or more, knowing that you’re covered in case your system is not operating at full capacity will give you the piece of mind that you need. With a good warranty, there is no need to worry about system failure or components working poorly. Rooftop Solar offers a comprehensive 30 year parts and labor warranty. Most companies provide the 25 year manufacturer warranty which typically only covers the parts needed. Reaching back out to the company that installed the system and having them come out to replace malfunctioning parts can be time-consuming and costly. With Rooftop Solar’s quality service department, we will have your system up and running at no additional cost to you! Make sure you compare a few companies’ warranties to be able to one with a comprehensive parts and labor warranty.


Review Company Credentials

Typically, experience is a better indicator of a good installer rather than the size of the company. Try to determine how long a company has been in business. This will show that they are a trusted installer and you can count on them to be in business in the future. Take a look on company websites to make sure they have the proper credentials to be considered an experienced certified installer. Companies should already have state-required certifications, but some certifications go above and beyond the requirements. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a program that is nationally recognized for setting the bar for solar installers to meet high standards while having undergone considerable training. You should make sure your installer is NABCEP certified so you know you are choosing a high quality company. Other certifications are also a bonus and feel free to do some research on what each certification means.


Check Out Companies’ Financing Options

Depending on your financial position, there are a few different ways to finance your new solar installation. You can pay in cash for the full amount, get a solar loan, or go with leasing a system. View our page on leasing vs buying to compare whether or not purchasing or leasing solar is the best option for you. Specific finance rates and pricing can be very difficult to find online because there are many options depending on your credit rating and the cost of your system. To get these numbers, It is recommended that you get some quotes!


Request Quotes

Once you have narrowed down your top five companies, you should easily be able to go to their websites and request a free quote online. If they don’t have an online form for you, just give the company a call and a representative will be happy to help you out! If you would like a quote from us, click “Get a Quote” in the top right corner to get started today! When you start talking to these companies, you can get a feel for their culture. Rooftop Solar always makes it a point to make customers feel like family while providing them with a quality solar installation that will last. Feel free to check out our page on what makes Rooftop not your typical solar company, The Rooftop Difference.

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