The Rooftop Difference

To some companies, answering the question “What sets you apart from all of the other solar companies?” can be quite tricky. Well, not for Rooftop Solar. We pride ourselves on being that little family owned business making a difference in their community one day at a time. This page should help you clear up any questions you may have on Rooftop Solar as a company, and if not, feel free to reach out to us at (800) 786-7080 and talk to one of our representatives. 



Most solar companies offer a manufacturer warranty. This covers the equipment costs typically with strict guidelines to adhere to in order to get replacement parts. Rooftop Solar is an exclusive partner of a premier independent insurance company called SolarInsure with each and every system sold. This covers parts and labor for 30 years! If 30 years seems like too far into your future, there is no need to worry because SolarInsure is transferable to the new owner of the home if you decide to sell in the future. Quality solar installers provide quality warranties.


Top Financing for Customer-Owned Systems

Most customers choose to finance their system, and we have numerous options that work on any budget! A customer-owned system allows you to maximize your return on investment. With the purchase of a solar system, you will be able to receive tax credits while increasing the value of your home. We even have options that will allow us to waive a dealer fee. That could put thousands of dollars in your pocket! See our page on Solar Loans vs Leases (insert link here) to go into detail of whether a solar loan or solar lease is the best option for you.


Custom Systems Fit to Your Needs

Starting with a free consultation with one of our qualified specialists, we will take a look at your electric usage history in order to build a system that is customized to you and your home specifically. An engineer will be given your specifications and format the system to fit your roof!


Certifications for the Best Solar Installers

Along with the state required certifications, Rooftop Solar has gone above and beyond with some credentials that only the best installers have. We are certified with NABCEP (the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) which is a program that is nationally recognized for setting the bar for solar installers to meet high standards while having undergone considerable training. Along with NABCEP, we are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating and approved by Green America, a green business network with the most diverse group of environmentally conscious businesses in the country. 


Membership in Largest, Most Exclusive Solar Cooperative

Rooftop Solar is one of the carefully selected members of Amicus, a solar cooperative that gives smaller companies a chance to stand up to the large solar corporations. As an Amicus member, Rooftop Solar gets access to a wide variety of solar panels, inverters, and finance options too good to pass up! 


Family Owned and Community Driven

Rooftop Solar is a small family owned business that gives focus and attention to detail with each customer. We are a local company with a local feel where customers can become a part of the family! A benefit to choosing a local company over a national company is that typically these companies know more about the local incentives and rebates in your area potentially saving you thousands of dollars. We want to get you the best deal while providing a quality service! Everyone at Rooftop is excited to get to work and see each other’s faces at the office every day. Not many employees take pride in their work and their community the way the Rooftop Solar team does.


If you still haven’t been sold on Rooftop Solar for your solar provider, reach out to us and talk to one of our representatives. We will be excited to help you find the company you’re looking for!

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