The Team at Rooftop Solar would like to congratulate Flagstaff Collision Center (FCC) on their brand new facility… Flagstaff’s first renewably-powered collision center! 

 Fronius Central Inverters

We were proud to partner with the FCC and their construction contractor, WesPac Construction, to help this new facility harness the power of the sun by installing an 83.2 kW solar array at their new location in East Flagstaff.
While Flagstaff Collision Center joins many many in the automotive industry who have gone solar, it is the first of its kind here. Over the next 25+ years, Flagstaff Collision Center can be proud that their business operates with clean, renewable energy and reduces overhead costs. 
In fact, over the life of this system, it is expected to produce roughly 3,292,000 kilowatt hours of electricity! That’s the environmental equivalent of offsetting 2,328 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide from emitting into our atmosphere, 2,564,669 lbs of coal  from being burned, or 5,389 barrels of oil from being consumed ( 
By going solar, FCC is showing that they are dedicated to our community. In doing so the business has created an impressive investment that will eliminate its cost to APS and create a hedge against ever-increasing utility rates for the next 3 decades. 
Panels were separated to accommodate for wind load.

Installing commercial solar during the construction process involves much more than solar expertise. With over a decade of experience as a general contractor, our team ensured that this project met the unique structural requirements for building with solar in Flagstaff. When executed correctly, new construction is a great time to install solar panels for businesses because it reduces the risk of requiring future structural upgrades and creates a seamless experience for the business owner.
It is amazing to see another local business that is setting a positive example for our community, and our team would like to warmly welcome Flagstaff Collision Center to the Rooftop Solar Family. We are proud to partner with them and their dedication to our Arizona Environment! 
Shine on, Flagstaff Collision Center!

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Adam Bruce

Project Developer

Adam joined the Rooftop Solar Fam after working with some of the industry’s largest solar companies. He has over 10 years experience in the solar industry and 20 years experience in construction. His passion for renewable energy and helping his clients make the right decision for their family or business is very clear and he has been involved in hundreds of small to large projects throughout Arizona.


Adam is a husband, father, brother and friend to everyone who meets him! A true Arizona native, he loves being in the great outdoors with friends and family; especially when bikes, backpacks, kayaks, trails or guitars are involved!


Fun Fact: Adam was once lead man for one of AZ’s most popular bands!

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