Arizona Truss Manufacturer Goes Solar

Western Truss’ rural location qualified the business for the Rural Energy For America Program (REAP).


Since 1986, Western Truss has been a trusted name in Northern Arizona truss manufacturing. In fact, Western Truss has not only been building in NAZ for over three decades, they are also an expert in the field of Sustainable Green Building. So, when they reached out to Rooftop Solar to investigate solar energy, it was a perfect fit.


While Northern Arizona is known for it’s scenic views and heavy snowfall, it is also known in the construction industry for it’s demanding “experts only” requirements. To meet these rigorous standards, Rooftop Solar’s team worked closely with the business owner and was able to complete the work on time. Because of the manufacturers rural location, Western Truss was able to secure a USDA grant called the Rural Energy for America Program, a grant available to both agricultural producers and rural small businesses.

The metal roofs were perfect for a seamless installation.


Over the life of the system, it is expected to produce roughly 1,8600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity! That’s the environmental equivalent of offsetting 1,315 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide from emitting into our atmosphere, 1,449,054 lbs of coal from being burned, or 3,045 barrels of oil from being consumed ( Builders and related industries have increasingly supported sustainable awareness and action, and Western Truss is leading the way!

Rooftop Solar is proud to welcome Western Truss into the solar community. The positive impact their business is creating will be felt by Northern Arizona for decades to come and we applaud their dedication to our environment, economy and community.

Shine on, Western Truss!

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Adam Bruce

Project Developer

Adam joined the Rooftop Solar Fam after working with some of the industry’s largest solar companies. He has over 10 years experience in the solar industry and 20 years experience in construction. His passion for renewable energy and helping his clients make the right decision for their family or business is very clear and he has been involved in hundreds of small to large projects throughout Arizona.


Adam is a husband, father, brother and friend to everyone who meets him! A true Arizona native, he loves being in the great outdoors with friends and family; especially when bikes, backpacks, kayaks, trails or guitars are involved!


Fun Fact: Adam was once lead man for one of AZ’s most popular bands!

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