Are You Interested In (so called) Free Solar? 

You may have noticed ads for so called free solar and wondered if that can actually be true, and if so, how? The truth is that many homeowners can make the switch for the same or less than they are currently paying for electricity. So for no additional cost, you may be able to make the switch to solar, and in that sense, the switch to solar is “free.” At the same time, homeowners are investing in a solar system that will provide years of free energy once paid off. Switching to solar will allow you to invest in your own power generation while getting away from reliance on the power company.
Graph showing how solar saves money
Electric bills add up to more than we realize. This problem is made worse by the practices of some of the largest electric companies in the U.S. For example, in Arizona, APS has had multiple allegations regarding the funding of the Arizona Corporation Commission campaigns, the very body which governs them. Companies like APS also tend to ask their governing bodies for rate increases every few years for a variety of different reasons. APS raised its rates by 4.5% in 2017 and proposed another 5.4% increase this year (azfamily). This is according to APS stated numbers, however suits filed by ratepayers suggest rates for many increased substantially more (azcentral).
Graphic showing APS price increase by the year.Graph showing decrease in APS payback over years.
With Rooftop Solar, a homeowner can make a monthly payment similar to the cost of their electric bill. Instead of paying the utility for electricity, they are paying for their system , resulting in energy independence and no electric bill. The best news is that your rates will never go up. Rooftop Solar offers a number of purchase options, but no matter which way you go, you will be investing in a guaranteed system, backed by an industry leading 30-year parts and labor warranty.
A Rooftop Solar specialist can walk you through a custom proposal today. We can wait to show you just how much you can save compared to your electric bills over the guaranteed life of the system.
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