3 Key Reasons to Go Solar in the Summer

This year, as we begin to feel the heat of the coming summer, we may also feel what all that sunshine brings – increased solar savings. While it is always a smart time to make the switch, going solar during the summer months can lend several unique advantages.

1. Produce More

Solar systems produce more in the summer than any other time of year (up to 60% more in Phoenix) due to longer days and increased sunshine. This means that the same system will generate about 60% more kilowatt-hours of electricity in June than it does in December. When the days are long, your solar system produces more energy, and with it more savings!

2. Avoid Higher Bills

Those longer days also bring higher electric bills in the summer for people in warmer areas due to increased use of the air conditioning. By making the switch to producing your own energy instead, you can avoid huge summer bills and at the same time produce at the highest possible levels.

3. Get the Best Incentives

We’re seeing major changes in regulation this time of year that increase the benefit of switching sooner rather than later. At the end of the last few summers in Arizona, APS has lowered the value of solar that the utility will pay.
APS Rate Change Table
You can avoid a lower payback by switching now and being grandfathered into the current rates. Not only that, but you can still get in on time for the current federal tax credit. Getting installed this year will lock in the current 26%.
Federal tax credit will drop to 22% next year
In these unprecedented times, there is a great opportunity to lock in some guaranteed savings this summer and a custom proposal from one of our Solar Experts can make the path clear. With a 30-year comprehensive warranty and the best financing rates ever, Rooftop Solar can present a system that will save you money this summer and every season.
Reach out to Rooftop Solar today at info@rooftopsolar.us, or just fill the form at the bottom to get more information or schedule a consultation.

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