When to Invest in Solar: Do Solar Panels Pay for Themselves?

Solar Panels with Peaks in background.

When to go Solar: Studying the Industry Solar costs have been dropping over recent years due to some exciting advancements in solar technology. This means solar homeowners can save more now than they ever have before. Solar has always paid for itself but it raises the question: should we go solar now, or wait for … Read more

APS Solar Deadline Pending 10% Buyback Decrease

APS Deadline graphic

APS is poised to lower their solar payback as the Arizona Corporation Commission nears their annual APS buyback hearing. If the ACC approves APS’ proposal, solar-qualified homeowners will see a 10% decrease in solar buyback. However, homeowners this month are in a great position to be grandfathered at the current buyback rate for the next … Read more

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