The Clean Power Plan: What you should know

On August 3, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and President Obama announced the Clean Power Plan, which establishes the first-ever national standards to limit carbon pollution from power plants, and is a huge step towards taking action against climate change.
The Clean Power Plan sets achievable standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.
Some of the benefits of the Clean Power Plan include:
Health Improvements

Climate change is a serious health threat, causing or worsening asthma and other respiratory illnesses in both adults and children, creating extreme weather patterns and rising sea levels, etc.
Among other benefits, The Clean Power plan is predicted to reduce premature deaths from power plant emissions by nearly 90%, and reduce the amount of pollutants that cause asthma attacks in children by at least 70% by 2030.
Creates Jobs
The Clean Power plan will drive incentive to invest in cleaner, more efficient energy; providing tens of thousands of jobs across the country, and continuing to lower the cost of renewable energy.
Saves Money
The Clean Power Plan is projected to save the average American homeowner nearly $85 on their monthly energy bill in 2030,  save consumers a total of $155 billion through 2020-2030, and save enough energy to power 30 million homes in 2030.
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