Solar Installation in Flagstaff, AZ, Roberta F

8.45 kW system in Flagstaff, Arizona featuring 26 Hanwha Q Cell 325-watt panels. Enphase iQ7+ inverter in Flagstaff, Arizona

Roberta F signed up for solar in December of 2020 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Roberta’s system consists of 26 Hanwha Q Cell 325-watt panels with 26 Enphase IQ7 micro inverters.

System Size: 8.45 kW

Module type: Hanwha Q Cell 325W

Inverter type: Enphase IQ7+


What was your main motivation for going solar?

I have always been an environmentalist but didn’t have the financial ability to act on it.  Having inherited some funds and watching the price of being environmentally sound going down I decided to go all the way and buy an electric car and get the solar panels to charge it.

What is the best part of having solar so far?

I smile when the sun is shining and I know I will not be getting an electric bill until we have very short days in winter. I can charge my car for free and watch the gas prices rise with no worries.

What was the most enjoyable part of the process of going solar?

The workers were wonderful, they arrived when they said they would. They completed the system earlier than I was told they would and they even installed my car charger for me.

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