Project Spotlight: North Country Healthcare

Rooftop Solar installed 37,000 watts (37kW) of solar on parking canopies in North Country HealthCenter’s parking lot.
2,181,186 lbs.
Yingli Modules, IronRidge Racking, Custom Steel Parking Canopies, Central Solar String Inverter, Grid Tied.

In 2011, we took on North Country HealthCare, a community health center located on the east side of town in Flagstaff, Arizona. Rather than the roof, North Country HealthCare’s panels are integrated onto custom-built parking canopies to create a sleek design while also providing shade to patrons and employees. One advantage of choosing Rooftop Solar: we not only have our electrical license, but general contractors and roofing licenses as well; so we are able to build everything with no additional outsourcing. Solar Panels on parking canopies have been a big trend for obvious reasons in Arizona — less in Flagstaff than Phoenix — but shade is a very valuable commodity when trying to park your car on a hot summer day.
This system, which was 37kW, will provide the medical center with renewable power for the next three decades and electrical savings in the hundreds of thousands over the life of the system. Northern Arizona Healthcare purchased their system with their own funds, with additional help from a federal grant and utility incentives.
If you’re in the Flagstaff area, check the system out next time you’re on Fourth Street!

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