Northern Arizona Concrete Manufacturer Switches to Solar Energy

For the last 25 years, Block-Lite Manufacturing has been Flagstaff’s leading provider of masonry equipment. The company’s plant in East Flagstaff is an iconic building in our community, and Rooftop Solar was proud to partner with Block-Lite to help them become the first locally-owned, solar powered manufacturer in Flagstaff!

Block-Lite's Rooftop Solar system.
The project features multiple arrays using different roofs.

To accommodate for Block-Lite’s unique structural needs, our team installed this array without making any penetrations to the roof. Construction was completed using multiple roofs, and each array was designed with custom racking. The solar system features Hanwha’s 325 Watt Qcell modules, custom S5! racking, and Chint inverters.
Over the life of Block-Lite’s system, it is expected to produce an impressive 3,926,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. That’s the environmental equivalent of offsetting 2,776 Metric Tons of Carbon dioxide from

Block-Lite's Rooftop Solar system.
Block-Lite has an excellent site for solar energy.

emitting into our atmosphere, 3,058,594 lbs of coal from being burned, or 6,427 barrels of oil from being consumed ( That’s a difference that will be felt by our community for generations to come!
In the manufacturing sector, environmental consciousness is increasingly motivating business owners to take action. By going solar, Block-Lite Manufacturing is not only helping our Arizona environment, it is paving the way for other manufacturers to do the same. Rooftop Solar would like to congratulate Block-Lite Manufacturing on this impressive investment, and we look forward to partnering with them for decades to come.
Shine on, Block-Lite Manufacturing!

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