System Size: 10.85 kW

Module Type: Longi 350W

Inverter: Enphase IQ7+


What was your main motivation to go solar?

Our main reason for going solar was simple, to save money on our electric bill and use the sun in Arizona to our advantage! Also, we knew that our electric bills can get into the several hundred dollars in the summer months due to the high temperatures and constantly having to run our air conditioner as well as our pool.

So we wanted to make sure we could create our own power to sustain our own home, which will increase our home value as well.

What is the best part of having solar? 

The best part of having solar is knowing exactly what our cost is every month and the ability to sell any power that we don’t use back to the electric company. Also knowing we eventually will have no bill at all is nice!

What was the most positive aspect of going solar with RTS?

The most positive aspect for us was that Michelle was very nice, helpful, and informative. Also the process seemed to be flawless from start to finish and the communication between everyone from saleswoman, office staff, and installers was always great. We also loved the price we got from Roof Top as they beat all our other estimates by quite a lot.

It was also great to hear that when another solar company came to our door after we had already agreed to go with Rooftop that the guy said he couldn’t beat the price of Rooftop Solar and confirmed we got a good deal, which is pretty rare in any sales industry. All around the experience was exceptional!

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