How to Maintain Solar Panels

A big question we get at Rooftop Solar is whether or not solar panels require much maintenance. With an investment such as solar, people want to make sure to take care of it properly to increase longevity in the lifetime of the solar panels. Read below to find out more about maintaining solar panels. 


Do you need to maintain solar panels?

Maintaining solar panels is a very simple task and may only be required twice a year. There are some things to consider about your system and home that may require more or less solar system maintenance than others. 


Location and Weather


The location of your home can have an effect on the maintenance of solar panels. If you live somewhere that snows a lot, you may need to consider either wiping the snow off the panels, or getting snow guards installed. Because solar panels are so sleek, snow typically will slide right off, but in an area with heavier snowfall, it is recommended to get snow guards. This allows for less snow buildup so your system can run as efficiently as possible during those winter months. If you live in a place that can get hot, while the sunshine may be great for added efficiency, the heat beating down on the panels can have a reverse effect. You can lose up to 10% efficiency when temperatures get above 110 degrees. Luckily, Rooftop Solar takes this into account and we install the panels a few inches off the roof allowing for more airflow, thus cooling the solar panels. Maintenance is not necessarily needed in hotter climates, but with less rain, they may not clean off as frequently by naturally occurring sources, so cleaning them manually is recommended.


How to Maintain Solar Panels


For the typical homeowner, solar panel maintenance mostly just involves a little bit of cleaning. Most of the time, rainfall helps clear away dust and debris built up on the panels, but during periods of drought, it is recommended you clean your solar panels. The average homeowner may have to do this two to four times a year. Cleaning your panels by either spraying them off with a hose or blowing the dust off with a leaf blower. If you clean off your panels and the system still isn’t functioning properly, there may be another issue that could require solar panel repairs.


Solar Panel Servicing


If your solar system maintenance routine falls outside of simply cleaning off your solar panels, repairs may be necessary to get your system operating properly. If you are able to monitor your system, you should be able to see the efficiency at which the panels are operating. If you notice something does not appear to be working properly, you may need to reach out to your solar installer. Repairing your solar system can get costly so be sure to choose a company with an excellent warranty. Rooftop Solar offers a transferable 30 year parts-and-labor warranty so you can be sure your system will last for many years to come. 


If you are considering going solar in the future, there is no need to worry about the upkeep. All-in-all, solar panels are pretty self-reliant, but in order to be functioning at a higher efficiency, they should be cleaned every once in a while. Be sure to choose a company with a good warranty, and make sure they know the needs of the location you’re in so your system can perform optimally. 

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