Solar Installation Sun City West, Craig and Cris

6.48 kW Rooftop Solar system in Sun City West, Arizona consisting of Solaria 360-watt black panels. Rooftop Solar system in Sun City West, Arizona consisting of 18 Solaria 360-watt black panels

Craig and Cris went solar back in December 2018. The home is located in Sun City West and consists of 18 Solaria 360-watt black panels with Enphase IQ7+ inverters.

System size: 6.48 kW

Module type: Solaria 360 W

Inverter type: Enphase IQ7+


What was your main motivation for going solar?

I have been interested in solar power for decades. I experimented with solar cells when I was a kid. I retired a few years ago and moved to AZ from the Pacific Northwest. There are so many sunny days here I could not pass up the opportunity to utilize energy from the sun. It seemed to be the responsible thing to do.

What is the best part of having solar so far?

I am a bit of an analytical geek but the best part of having a solar system is the Enphase Monitoring Software. I can monitor how much energy my system produces, how much I consume, and how much energy I import and export. The software is a great tool.

What was the most positive aspect of going solar with Rooftop Solar?

The implementation stage was the most enjoyable part of the process.  The team at Rooftop Solar had a well-defined plan for installation. They kept me informed of the details and their progress. It was a great experience.

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