COVID-19 and Commercial Solar: What You Need to Know

From the team at Rooftop Solar, we hope this message finds you and your business in good health!

We understand you may be going through a lot right now. Keeping your employees safe and your business moving forward is top priority. Many of our current and potential commercial customers have contacted us regarding their solar projects, so we wanted post an update to everyone who might be interested in going solar now or in the future.

If you are currently going solar: It’s “Business as Usual” (…well almost).

While many of us have been directed to work from home, solar has been deemed an “Essential Service,”, so Rooftop Solar is continuing to install. Fortunately, most of our processes can be done safely without any physical contact. All of our crews have been given the opportunity to “opt in” and have been given precautionary installation best-practices to protect themselves, the worksite, and the customer. These precautions include wearing masks at all times, practicing social distancing while on the job site and speaking with clients, maintaining proper sanitization habits, and cleaning/sanitizing all equipment. Employee and client safety is important to us, and we’re taking measures to prioritize that.

If you have considered solar: Solar Still Makes Sense.

Although the world seems to be changing everyday, there are some things that haven’t changed: The sun still shines, and you still have an electric bill. Businesses are still going solar and in many ways there’s never been a better time. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Financial Security. By going solar, you can greatly reduce your known and recurring monthly expenses. Although it often goes unnoticed, companies can spend thousands of dollars every month on electricity. Solar can help relieve the financial burden of those recurring and increasing expenses. Cutting costs is one of the smartest things a business can do during uncertain times, and commercial solar provides you with an avenue to do just this.
  • Safe Investment. Cash or financed, solar is currently one of the safest investments a person or company can make. Electricity prices continue to go up every year (APS is proposing ~6% next year), and the money you spend on your electric bill is an investment you’ll never see a return on. Most of our commercial customers have a payback of less than 5 years, making it one of the best ROI’s around. Given the current economic landscape, it is important to invest safely–especially when utility rate changes are out of your hands.
  • Subsidies and Tax Credits. While many companies qualify for assistance with the latest stimulus package, the government continues to offer relief to companies that go solar through a generous tax credit and accelerated depreciation, lowering the net cost 50-70%. In rural communities, you may qualify for even more government assistance via the Rural Energy for America Program that you never have to pay back. Even if you’re not ready to make a solar investment this year, however, it is still a good time to start the discussion because with a small down payment you can still get grandfathered into the 2020 tax credit through the Safe Harbor program.
If you are just curious:

Rooftop Solar is dedicated to informing the community about solar energy. Even if you’re not planning on going solar in the near future, we’re offering a free remote evaluation of your business for solar. It costs nothing to look at and if it makes sense it could save you a lot of money on overhead and taxes. If you’re curious (now or in the future) how solar can benefit your business, we can help. The only thing we need to get started is a copy of your recent electric bills and we’ll take it from there. With this data, our Project Developer can send you a report complete with basic outlining basic designs and financials so that you can have this project as an option for when the timing is right.

In economic times that are unpredictable and fast-changing, it is important to find a source for economic stability–and the sun’s power is as stable as it gets. Commercial solar is not only a smart investment, it is an investment in the direction of becoming less susceptible to changes that your utility company might make–it is a step towards being more self-sustained. Now more than ever, it is important to consider that

To speak with a Commercial Project Developer, call today at (800) 786-7080 or email From all of us at Rooftop Solar, please stay safe… Together, let’s move forward with renewable energy!



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