Solar Installation in Sun City, AZ, Bruce H

14.7 kW Rooftop Solar system located in Sun City, Arizona featuring Solaria 360-watt black panels

5 stars

“From the start Michelle asked the right questions and from those questions came up with an estimate to not only meet our needs but made suggestions to improve our systems. No high pressuring, no badgering and only honest quotes with no hidden costs. The project manager Dannielle was on top of the project from day 1 and if needed was quickly on the phone with me if something was not going as schedule.”

“She coordinated with all of the contractors and keep me in the loop as the solar system was being installed. I would highly recommend Rooftop Solar to anyone and have recommended them to all of my neighbors. 7 months later I contacted Michelle for some questions and she responded immediately with answer to my concerns.”


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Bruce went solar back in December 2018. The home is located in Sun City West and consists of 18 Solaria 360-watt black panels with Enphase IQ7+ inverters.

System size: 14.7 kW

Module type:  Longi 350W

Inverter type: Enphase IQ7+


What was your main motivation for going solar?

My main motivation for going solar was that our current electric company is one of the highest in the state and continues to increase between 2-5% yearly. We moved from one side of town to the other and we have the same sized house and our electric usage was the same. Our monthly bill however increased between $75-$100 monthly with the new electric company.

What is the best part of having solar so far?

The best part of having solar installed is that for less than the cost of the yearly electric bill with the electric company we have enough power to sustain our monthly needs.  In addition to not having a monthly electric bill, we do not have to incur any rate increases from the electric company and end up getting a few dollars back at the end of the year from the electric company.

What was the most positive aspect of going solar with Rooftop Solar?

Knowing that we are helping with the eco-footprint in reducing the need for the electric company to produce electricity. NOT having an electric bill!!

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