Solar power inspires so many – especially through solar powered art! While we work in a more industrial capacity, we are constantly inspired by artists who are renovating the use of solar through their creative work.

Seed pod art sculpture.

The sculpture “Seed Pod” by artist Dee Dee Morrison in New Orleans, LA.

Seed-Pod by artist Dee Dee Morrison
Located at Xavier University in New Orleans, LA, this beautiful and intricate sculpture lies at the middle of campus. It’s combination of industrial materials with delicate nature-inspired laser carvings show a unique perspective on a link between technology and the natural world. The intention of the design was to replicate a seedpod coming out of a dormant state to form new life.
From her website:
“The Seed-Pod design was inspired by studying organic forms and the geometric principles that determine their patterns and structures. Morrison created the 8-by-12 work of art with inspiration from organic forms, particularly the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, who was also an artist, biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician and professor who discovered, described, named and illustrated thousands of new species.”
Find more incredible imagery of Dee Dee’s work at:

Spherical solar.

“Spherical Solar Concentrated Solar Generator” by architect Andre Broessel

Spherical Glass Solar Energy Generator by architect Andre Broessel
An elegant orb constructed out of glass that touts the ability to achieve higher energy efficiency that typical PV units. According to Andre Broessel’s tests, up to 35%. The glass orb has the visual delicacy of a water droplet, while the stand and equipment adds a more industrial/technological feel.
We had a difficult time locating more of Andre’s work, although we will be keeping our eyes out for more incredible designs from his imagination.
Read more about the Spherical Glass Solar Energy Geneartor:

A silicon forest sculpture.

The sculptural piece “A Silicon Forest” by artist Brian Borrello.

The Silicon Forest by artist Brian Borrello
Vibrant neon green emanates from cones that fill the night sky. Each individual sculpture – there are six total – extend almost flower-like and are held up by a metal stem. From the top of the cone, small solar panels reach up like the pistil of a flower. The piece is located at the Interstate/Rose Quarter station in Portland.
“As a visual artist, Brian is particularly interested in creating awareness of human life in balance with other life forms and with our shared environment. In his art for the public realm, he seizes opportunities to make ‘places’ by activating urban spaces through image, form and symbol, in response to history, community and context.”
Read more about Brian’s work on his website:

Solar intersections sculpture.

“Solar Intersections” by artist Robert Behrens

Solar Intersections by artist Robert Behrens
At 70 feet tall, the sculptural piece, Solar Intersections, pierces the night sky with multiple thin poles of multi-colored light. These beams of chromatic light juxtapose the frame created by the myrtle trees and perennial flowers. These beautiful illuminated pieces reside in Davis, California.
There aren’t many online resources available about the late Robert Behrens, but below is a link that will take you to a book about his work:
Pulse / Impulse The Art of Robert Behrens

Solar Sun-Catcher sculpture.

Solar Sun-Catcher by artist Dee Dee Morrison

Solar Sun-Catcher by artist Dee Dee Morrison
We’re obsessed with Dee Dee’s work! All of it is exquisite, immaculate and precise. This solar powered piece stands in contrast to her previous mentioned work, in that it doesn’t display the same organic composition and has a much more geometric form. This 15-foot-tall piece resides in Clearwater, Florida and is a part of the city’s Sculpture360 program.

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