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When we’re installing solar in your neighborhood, we promise to be efficient and mindful as we bring cleaner, greener energy to the community!


Rooftop Solar makes going solar easy. From the initial proposal through system design, permitting, and installation, Rooftop Solar manages the entire process.  If you have questions about our work or are interested in solar for your home, we’re offering a special neighbor discount. Fill out the form or call us at 928.213.5670.

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Why Your Neighbors Are Choosing Rooftop Solar

It may come as no surprise with the abundant sunlight in northern Arizona that many of your neighbors have decided to go solar.  What you may not know is why they may have chosen Rooftop Solar over other out of town companies. Here are some of the reasons our customers decided to use Rooftop Solar:


  • Established in 2009, we’ve been serving this community for over 15 years!
  • Local – Rooftop Solar hires the brightest and most qualified local talent. Supporting local means you are supporting your community.
  • Recommended – Most of our business comes through referrals of happy customers, just like your neighbor. (
  • Vetted – Rooftop Solar is a part of an exclusive, mission driven, and ethically vetted solar cooperative. Amicus Solar (B-Corp) Cooperative is a collective of 80 of the best solar companies in the United States. RTS is the only Amicus installer in Northern Arizona.
  • Everything under one roof – Starting with a custom design with no hidden costs or surprises, we will analyze, design, permit, manage, install and service your project. Certified and experienced, Rooftop Solar is registered and in good standing with the ROC, NABCEP certified and familiar with local codes and regulations.
  • Quality Equipment and Installation – Using only Tier 1 quality equipment, our customers have equipment that will last. Rooftop Solar is certified and preferred partners with companies like Tesla, Enphase, and other Tier 1 companies. 
  • Warranty – RTS offers a best in class 30 year umbrella warranty that covers and extends coverage on modules, inverters and roof penetrations. Includes labor and replacement costs.
  • Community Minded – “Powered by the sun, driven by community”, Rooftop Solar is known and trusted in the community, partnering with local charitable organizations and sponsoring non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, Flagstaff Family Food Center, City of Flagstaff Sustainability Committee and many more. 
  • Financing – RTS offers industry-best financing – no dealer fees, just great rates.
  • Professionalism – Our customers regularly comment on how easy we are to work with.

Going Solar is Easy!
5 Simple Steps:


  1. Customize Your System
    We’ll analyze your energy usage, roof space, and electrical equipment and together we’ll customize the best system for your needs.
  2. Site Inspection
    We’ll measure, inspect, and double check your roof construction and electrical panel to ensure there are no surprises along the way.  We’ll register your system with the utility who will update your account.
  3. Design and Permitting
    Our design team will create the engineering plans for your custom system.  If everything looks good (to you!), we’ll submit the plans to the jurisdiction and await their go-ahead.
  4. Installation
    With a green-light from your jurisdiction and utility, we’ll schedule your installation date.  The actual installation will take only one or two days to complete!
  5. Power-Up!
    Once your jurisdiction approves or “green-tags” the installation, the utility will “flip the switch,” and you’ll be making energy from the sun!

One of our Rooftop Solar installers inspecting work at a commercial solar panel installation on the roof of the Historic Ice House building in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. Solar can be an excellent option for both residential homes and commercial businesses of any size.

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Flagstaff Home Solar

Adding solar to your Flagstaff home isn't just great for the environment, it’s also a great investment. Increase your property value, lower your energy bill, and shrink your carbon footprint. Win, win, and win!

Apartment building with solar panel icon

Solar for Flagstaff Businesses

Rooftop Solar offers commercial solar solutions for any size organization. From solar carports or parking canopies to rooftop or ground mounts, Rooftop Solar can help eliminate or reduce your monthly utility expenses and increase your bottom line.

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Loan & Leasing Options

While the cash offers the best ROI on you system, many of our customers prefer to hang on to their money and finance their system for a similar payment to their regular utility bill. Rooftop Solar has exclusive financing options with NO dealer fees to help keep your costs as low as possible. Why continue to pay “rent” to the utilities when you can own your power and increase the value of your house? To learn more about solar financing options, check out our financing options.

Arizona solar tax incentives

Solar panels have a fantastic return on investment! Although Federal Tax Credits are starting to sunset, you can still get close to 30% back on your purchase. Also the state of Arizona is one of the few states still offering as state tax credit. Our experienced Rooftop Solar installers and team members will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have about going solar and the benefits that come with it. Property tax exemption on energy equipment allows property owners to install renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic solar panels property-tax free. Solar generating systems are also exempt from sales tax.


So how does going solar work? It’s actually pretty simple. Every time a homeowner goes solar, they enter an agreement with APS who agrees to pay them for the solar energy they don’t use. Rooftop Solar can help build the right system to help maximize your investment by analyzing shade, energy usage and utility costs. Save on energy costs, increase your home value, and make a real environmental difference. Win, win, and win!

Why Rooftop Solar?

At Rooftop Solar, we not only offer affordable solar energy solutions, but are committed to providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations. Our goal is to make your switch to solar as stress-free and easy as possible. From quote through completion, we are there for you every step of the way and happy to answer any questions you may have about our solar company, the installation process, solar panel upkeep, etc. But what makes Rooftop Solar different from other solar companies in Flagstaff? We’re glad you asked: 

Best Solar Panels and Equipment in the Industry

Rooftop Solar is an exclusive partner in one of the top solar cooperatives in the United States (Amicus Solar). This elite partnership gives Rooftop Solar access to some of the best solar panels and equipment in America. We collaborate with reputable solar manufacturers whose materials we know, trust, and feel confident passing on to you. Rooftop Solar partners with companies like Tesla, Panasonic, REC, LG, Hanwha, Enphase, and Solar Edge. We are also the exclusive installer for Tesla Powerwall in Northern Arizona.

Warranty and Experience

Rooftop Solar is licensed, bonded and NABCEP certified with electrical, and dual building contractor licenses; so you can be confident that whether installing solar at your home or commercial building, our team has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. We also offer the only 3rd party, 30-year warranty for your system that offers parts, labor, and roofing.

Rooftop Solar Financing

You’re already aware that solar will save you money in the long run, and that it has a great return on investment, but there’s still the question of financing your new solar array. Rooftop Solar offers exclusive financing options with some of the best rates in the solar industry. Not sure if solar makes sense for you? We can help explore all of your options.

People are Talking

Rooftop Solar strives to make our customers feel like family. Here’s what some of our customers have had to say about us:

“The decision to go solar was big for us and we wanted to do it right. Our experience with Rooftop Solar could not have been better. Their staff was knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. The entire project came in on time and on budget. Rooftop worked with APS and the lender which made things so easy for us. We have already recommended Rooftop Solar to several friends.”

- Patricia A.

“Rooftop installed a big ground mount solar unit for us. They used their magic box to determine ideal angles and location. Installation was completed last year and I haven't had any issues with it, but have been saving a bundle of $$ by replacing propane and gas (car) by switching cars and appliances to electric. It more than pays for my electric bill.”

- Andy V.

“Rooftop Solar has been extremely professional and timely. They took care of all the application/paperwork with the utility company. The process was simple thanks to Rooftop Solar. The staff was very helpful to all my many questions and emails, and always responded immediately. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

- Nicolaus H.

“We went solar with 27 panels and couldn’t be happier. Rooftop Solar has been attentive to all of our concerns and the system has worked without fail. I would recommend Rooftop Solar for all solar jobs regardless of the size, this company is more than prepared.”

- Megan S

“I had solar panels and a backup generator installed on my home about 2 years ago. The system was installed flawlessly and works perfectly. The employees at Rooftop Solar are professional and courteous. The system came in on budget. I would strongly recommend Rooftop Solar if you are looking for solar.”

- Joe E
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