There are many reasons to switch to solar energy; from saving some cash — to saving the planet! No matter what your reasons are for going solar, our friendly team at Rooftop Solar will create a personalized plan specifically for you to make the process as easy as possible. We proudly provide solar solutions all over the San Diego area including El Cajon, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Chula Vista, Del Mar and Poway.

Not only do solar panels have a great Return on Investment, but current federal and state rebates are so generous that your solar installation will cost approximately 50%-60% less because of the incentives! In California, incentives are offered by utilities, the state, counties and even some municipalities. Any of our Rooftop Solar installers or team members will be happy to answer any questions about the benefits of solar or incentives available to you.

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California Solar Tax Incentives

California is the number one place for solar in the United States, having already installed 13,241 megawatts of solar as of December 2015. That’s enough to power to 257,000 homes! Both the abundance of sunshine we receive and the incredible solar tax incentives and rebates offered make California an excellent area for solar energy.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal policy that offers a 30 percent tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties. In addition to the 30 percent federal Investment Tax Credit, there are over 100 different solar tax credits, rebates and incentives in the state of California.

There are several state-wide incentives as well. For new homes built in California, The California Energy Commission allows incentives up to 50 percent, and up to 70 percent for affordable housing tracts. The California Initiative periodically offers PV rebates depending on your utility provider. You can check on the availability of those solar rebates at the Go Solar California website, or by calling a Rooftop Solar representative today.

In San Diego County specifically, you can take advantage of the Green Building Program, through which the county will waive the building permit and plan-check fee for sustainable buildings, meaning additional savings of about $500.

Rooftop Solar installers finishing up an installation of 200,690 Watts (658 x 305 Watt modules at the Cheesecake Factory Corporate Headquarters in Calabasas Hills, CA. The system is grid-tied and includes a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply backup battery system. Solar can be an excellent option for both residential homes and commercial businesses of any size, especially in San Diego.

Solar For Your San Diego Business

Rooftop Solar provides commercial solar for businesses, municipalities and other organizations of any size. We have installed solar for hospitals, historic buildings, apartments and housing complexes, hotels and office buildings in California and Arizona. We install many rooftop solar arrays, as well as solar carports/parking canopies and ground mounts if you have the space and it makes sense for your business solar energy needs. Our team at Rooftop Solar will help you predict your return on investment and energy offset and determine if solar makes sense for your company.
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At Rooftop Solar, we not only offer affordable solar energy solutions, but are committed to providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations. Our goal is to make your switch to solar as stress-free and easy as possible. From quote through completion, we are there for you every step of the way and happy to answer any questions you may have about our solar company, the installation process, solar panel upkeep, etc.

Partner Solar Energy Companies

We collaborate with reputable solar manufacturers whose materials we know, trust, and feel confident passing on to you. When choosing solar panels, inverters, and other materials, our first choices include Fronius, SunPower, Enphase, and Canadian Solar. We also believe in the importance of supporting local economies, and try to buy solar materials from U.S. made companies, or even better, companies based out of the Southwest. If you ever have issues with any of your solar equipment, our Rooftop Solar certified solar technicians will come inspect and repair any issues in a timely manner.

Solar Contractor Certifications

Rooftop Solar is triple-certified solar company with roofing, electrical, and dual building contractor licenses; so you can be confident that whether installing solar at your home or commercial building, our team is has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Our skilled engineers, architects, electricians and solar technicians have years of experience in the solar field and come together to form an excellent team.

Rooftop Solar Financing

When planning to install solar panels, the first thought for most people is cost and financial impact. You’re already aware that solar will save you money in the long run, and that it has a great return on investment, but there’s still the question of financing your new solar array. If you are able to purchase your solar system out of pocket, you will see the quickest return on investment; however if you don’t have the extra cash on hand, there are many available solar financing options. Many customers choose to do is a Solar PPA, Lease or loan. Rooftop Solar works with trusted third-party solar financing companies such as Hero, Mosaic, Y-Grene, and San Diego Credit Union to find the best financing options that fit your family or business budget and goals.